BattleFit’s Bodybuidling: The Strengthening


This is the all round foundation-building first step to strengthening up before glowing up, brah. Set yourself up for success, chess not checkers.

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Build Muscle with Bodyweight

Bodyweight Spartan
The Strengthening

The Strengthening

Build Muscle with Bodyweight! Part of fitness is to be able to move the body in ways of strength. That is, to be able to hold your body in positions that require a high degree of physical aptitude. In calisthenics, we call these statics. However we can manipulate these strength techniques to our advantage to re-route the output from pure strength and stamina into size building. Size is not strength, Strength is strength, but in calisthenics, adding size generally means better stamina and durability. Build Solid with progressive workouts, put into this beginner plan. Infused with decades of experince drawn on inspiration from ancient times of gladiators and spartan soldier training, but mixed with modern understandings of anatomy and body mechanics.

Bodyweight BodyBuilding Program: Build Muscle With Bodyweight

*This program requires equipment: Hangbar, Parallettes and Plyo jump box.


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